20 Essential Painting Materials

New students regularly ask what materials they should bring to our outdoor painting workshops. Others arrive with too many freshly bought materials and equipment which they are not familiar with. For that reason the Avoca Painting School provide a materials and equipment package, which can be booked as an add-on. Our kit has been honed over the years to be light and versatile, basically, all the the painter needs and nothing that they don’t. It’s the old story of quality versus quantity.

Students depicting the Upper Lake at last years Glendalough Painting Workshop.

For the students who would prefer to bring their own painting materials and equipment we have put together a list of the essentials. We have also added some key outdoor apparel for your painting comfort.

2023 Avoca Painting School, outdoor workshop:

recommended material list.

Painting materials

  1. Red acrylic paint (cadmium/scarlet/crimson)
  2. Yellow acrylic paint (medium cadmium hue/strong lemon yellow)
  3. Blue acrylic paint (phthalo but not from W&N galleria/royal blue)
  4. White acrylic paint (titanium)
  5. Burnt umber acrylic paint (any strong hue)
  6. Yellow ochre acrylic paint (any strong hue)
  7. Brush 1: Daler & Rowney, Graduate, Nr. 10 (round, soft synthetic bristles)
  8. Brush 2: Daler & Rowney, Graduate, Nr. 12 (flat, course bristles)
  9. Brush 3: 1” soft DIY (painting & decorating type)
  10. 6B pencil & sharpener
  11. Acrylic paper 40x50cm. Stained (any colour but white)
  12. Drawing board for 40x50cm (check it fits on your easel)
  13. Drawing clips
  14. Masking tape
  15. Outdoor easel
  16. Water pots x 2
  17. 2 litre painting water
  18. Rags x 2
  19. Palette for acrylic
  20. View finder

Outdoor Gear

  1. Rain gear
  2. Outdoor shoes/boots
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Finger-less gloves
  5. Small folding umbrella
  6. Spare clothes
  7. Lunch
  8. Drinking water
artist rod coyne shows his favorite acrylics for his 20 Essential Painting Materials list

Please note this list is only a recommended guideline. You can replace the word acrylic for oil paints or watercolour if that’s your preferred medium. In that case remember to bring the suitable painting medium. Also, please remember to take away all rubbish and leftovers after working, it’s important to leave no trace. Full details of upcoming workshops here: https://avocagallery.ie/events/

For further inquiries please contact Rod Coyne: email: info@avocagallery.com , mobile +353 (0)87 225 9680 , landline: +353 (0)402 35555 .

You can download a PDF copy of this list here:

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