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Rod’s Commission Service

Why Commission Painting?

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“I believe it is an honour to be asked to paint a commission in my individual style. It suggests that someone likes how I portray the world and trusts me with their memories & emotions and to convey a message to loved one. Curiously, I enjoy a sense of freedom working to a client’s brief. Likewise, the client has the enjoyment of having a hand in shaping creative process.” – Rod Coyne.

What is a Commissioned Artwork?

A commissioned painting is an original artwork built around the client’s desired goal & aims. The client’s vision is created through the artist’s hand.

Regularly Rod’s commissions are to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or retirement. And other times it is simply a gift to one’s self, designed to preserve, share and celebrate a memory. These are typically images of places, people, pets, and sometimes significant objects to form a still life. Even buildings, boats, bikes and cars can make an appearance (imagination should know no bounds).

Rod will be delighted to help develop your brief and execute it in his recognised bold style. Commissioning a Rod Coyne painting starts around €400.

How to Commission a Painting

“I love talking with people and understanding their motives, memories and emotions before completing their commission.” – Rod Coyne.

It is important to understand why the artwork is to be commissioned. And discovering what message the painting is designed communicate. So, the artist-client conversation is at the heart of a successful project. Through this conversation all the variables get nailed down and the client is confident in what result they can look forward to.

Before you commission an artwork from Rod the following points will be considered and agreed – subject matter, style & treatment, the picture dimensions, budget and delivery date. These are listed in our commission form. When this is completed, and a 25% deposit received work can begin.

  • (Is there an occasion to be marked with this commission)
  • (Portrait / Place / Still Life / Other)
  • (Pallette Knife Painting / Acrylic Painting / Atmospheric)
  • (When is the painting due)
    DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • (Min / Max)

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