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Why are some prices negotiable?

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We believe in fairness when it comes to pricing. There are multiple factors that go into calculating the online retail price for paintings on this site. This formula can be imprecise, as it is a one-size-fits-all and might not always accurately reflect the fixed costs in your case. Add to that, in our experience, serious collectors habitually look for a discount from the retail price. All reasonable offers will be seriously considered.

What affects the retail price?

  1. Crating, Shipping & Insurance: these three key elements are vital for safe and reliable world-wide delivery. These are reflected in the online retail price, particularly considering that we offer shipping to Australia. So, if you are just down the road, or can collect yourself, that will give us room to negotiate.
  2. Payment method: the banking middlemen live off their percentage on all transactions. PayPal and credit/debit card payments are expensive for us. If you can choose a less onerous payment method, like bank transfer or cash, that too will give us further room to negotiate.
  3. Framing: choosing to purchase your new painting unframed will also allow more room for negotiation.
  4. Painting Size: smaller paintings carry similar production & shipping costs as larger paintings. As a result, larger paintings will always allow more room for negotiation.
  5. Customer Loyalty: repeat customers, friends of the Avoca Gallery and our Avoca Painting School students will always have a claim on a favourable price.
  6. Public Consistency: our web prices need to be in line with public exhibition prices, and thus may appear unnaturally high when purchasing direct from the artist.

How to make an offer:

The facility to make an offer only applies to Rod Coyne’s original artworks. You will see the button on each painting page. Click the make an offer button and complete the form. The more information you can include in your form the better we can calculate the most attractive price. After completing the form, then hit send and we will be in touch promptly.

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