Painting Secrets Revealed

“So, the studio phase of my Blarney Castle Gardens Collection is finished for now. Next up will be painting plien air in the spring gardens of March 2024. One big plus of working in the studio is that I have a bit more time to record the painting process on video. I managed to document eleven of the dozen new paintings complete late in 2023. It’s taken a few weeks to edit the time-lapse clips together, and now they are ready. Re-watching my own process reveals just as many painting secrets to me as much as to anybody else. The Modus operandi is #RodSeesRed, and you can read all about that process here. But these videos are the first visual explanation of the #RodSeesRed process. Now those painting secrets are laid bare so you can follow how I turn a regular landscape into an other-worldly place.” – Rod Coyne

These newest paintings are based around Blarney Castle Gardens.

The camera never lies.

In this short clip you’ll see the rapid completion of the following paintings: Arboretum,
Water Garden 2, Forest Trail and Battlements Blarney Castle.

Blink and you’ll miss: Blarney Stone, Water Garden 1, Fern Garden and Sacrificial Altar Blarney Castle.

Waterfall, Ice House and Blarney River Blarney Castle are the final three speed painting clips
revealing some of Rod’s best painting secrets.

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