Rod’s Radical RTE Radio Plug

RADIO ROD…got an amazing plug and nearly crashed the car. Avoca Painting School vouchers come in for special attention by Aiofe Barry on the Marian Finucane Show under the heading “Experience Gifts” and score 10 out of 10. See our gift Vouchers here.

“Exactly one year ago I’m bumper to bumper in Xmas shopping traffic, killing time with the radio on. Marian Finucane is on RTE Radio 1 and she’s examining the world of “Experience Gifts” with journalist Aiofe Barry. During the intro the presenter mentions the various categories coming up and among them is the “painting experience”. Cynically I chuckle to myself saying “…imagine they pick the the Avoca Painting School, like there’s no way that’s going to happen…” I am so convinced that fate owes me nothing that I nearly rear-end the car in front when Aiofe Barry launches into “…And for painting I’ve chosen the Avoca Painting School run by Rod Coyne…”

In future I promise not to be so cynical and thank the gods of fate for every endorsement they pass my way. Merry Christmas everyone.” – Rod Coyne

Broadcast Details:

Aiofe Barry reported: “Avoca painting school, run by Rod Coyne. You can buy vouchers online:

You will receive your Gift Voucher as an email containing a unique coupon code, the recipient must use that code to book their chosen workshop online. Courses cost up to €100. A lot of these courses are outdoors in Wicklow, the Botanical gardens, at The Meeting of the Waters…Also, if you book early there’s a €20 discount. “

RTE1: Rod on the Radio.
Marian Finucane discusses Avoca Painting School with journalist Aiofe Barry. They endorse our gift vouchers and celebrate the new “Experience Gift” culture for creative, adventurous types. National broadcaster transmitted this edition on the 22nd of December 2018.

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