Rod’s Recommendations & Testimonials

In 1990 Rod Coyne sold his first paintings. At first it was his recent graduation work and by the end of the year he was selling new work and taking on commissions. The artist has consistently built his fan base adding new collectors throughout the following decades. Here the collectors describe Coyne’s art in their own words: Rod’s Recommendations & Testimonials.

“My family and I met Rod and his family a few years ago during a visit to Ireland. My wife is a Dubliner, so we always try to “bring a bit of Ireland” back to the States. Rod’s landscapes vividly capture the beauty of Ireland… He is a tremendously talented artist. We now make a visit to his studio to collect a new painting an annual event.”
New York, USA
“I’ve bought several paintings from Rod over the years and each one occupies a special place in my home. Rod’s use of color, light and texture in his paintings really bring scenes to life. Even though several of his paintings have been hanging in my house for years, I often find myself appreciating subtle details in them that I never noticed before. I highly recommend adding one of his pieces to your collection.”
Boston, USA
“Rod, Again just to let you know my wife and I love the paintings and they are a wonderful addition to our collection. True to your word I was able to track their delivery progress via the Internet and indeed I was very impressed with the customized wooden box you built to ensure their safe passage from Ireland to Canada…I look forward to visiting the gallery again in the near future.”
Ontario, Canada
“I have enjoyed Rod’s work for many years now firstly as a collector and later as an art dealer and gallery owner. Rod is one of the major talents currently painting in Ireland. He has a truly unique and individual way of capturing the landscape around him, not just in subject but is his rich deep painting style and use of colour in a way only Rod can. If you are an established collector or just starting out I would not hesitate to recommend Rod’s work to you. If near Avoca make sure you go to the studio, Rod always has a superb range of works there.”
Waterford, Ireland
“Rod is an exceptionally talented artist. A print of perhaps my favourite of all his paintings has pride of place in my home where it invariably receives positive comment from guests. Rod’s studio in Avoca is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of stunning and unique art and always well worth a visit.”
Wicklow, Ireland
“I am a big fan of Rod’s work over the years and have many paintings displayed in our house – recently my gorgeous wife Catherine commissioned Rod to paint our puppy…all’s I can say is he really did a splendid job in catching the moment in typical Coyne fashion – its brilliant – highly recommend Rod Coyne.”
Dublin, Ireland
“Rod Coyne is a fantastic Irish landscape artist, fully and totally dedicated to his craft. I urge you to look at his website and buy some art, you will never regret it and will probably be making a very sound investment.”
London, UK
“Hi Rod, That face is way to serious. You are, no doubt, one of the most joyful and fun-loving artists I know.”
Philadelphia, USA

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