Covid 19 Painting Precautions

Photo of Covid 19 workshop signage for Avoca Painting School.

About our Covid 19 painting precautions

We had to cancel our first three workshops in 2020 due to the Covid 19 travel and social distance restrictions. So clearly we were excited to get back to work with our first event in July at Kilmacurragh Gardens. Albeit we were forced to put our international students off till next year and hopefully rosier times. Below you’ll read our Covid 19 painting precautions & guidelines which were sent out to all students ahead of the event. The painting workshop passed off smoothly, so we have decided to continue with the same guidelines and these will for form the template for the final two paint-outs in August and September.

Photo of Civid 19 workshop signage for Avoca Painting School.
We are providing our own clear signage to keep reminding students to keep themselves and fellow students safe.

Dear Painters…

…due to the current pandemic we all need to take precautions to ensure our safety and the safety of others. We have drawn up a list of the relevant guidelines for our workshop. Please see these below, they are also attached as printable Word and PDF options.

Photo of Civid 19 workshop one-way-system for Avoca Painting School.
We are implementing a one-way system to allow for social distancing.

2020 Outdoor Painting Workshop Covid-19 Guidelines (18.07.2020).

We have requirements to observe while conducting our workshop during Covid-19. In principle the day’s format will change little from pre-Covid times but we ask you to participate responsibly, apply the Covid 19 painting precautions, so that we all feel safe to enjoy our painting time fully. We have a few advantages over other activities which simplify our obligations. Firstly, we are working outdoors, also we a are small group of maximum ten students and finally we have four months experience of the hygiene protocol.

Photo of Covid 19 workshop signage for Avoca Painting School.

On the day:

  • We will display signage to remind students & public alike to observe social distancing
  • We will have hand sanitiser available
  • We will be maintaining a list of students contact details in the event of contact tracing

We ask students to:

  • Please bring your own personal hand sanitiser
  • Please bring a mask (necessary if using the café or toilettes)
  • Please do not share your equipment or food
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided after each visit to communal paint supplies (for students who have booked a materials package)
  • Please observe 2-meter social distancing
  • Please observe hand hygiene
  • Please observe coughing / sneezing etiquette
  • Please do not attend if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
    • fever
    • dry cough
    • loss of taste or smell
Photo of painting demo at our first Covid 19 workshop for Avoca Painting School.
Photo of painting demo at our first Covid 19 workshop for Avoca Painting School.

 Contact Tracing:

Because some of you have booked for a friend or family member it is important that we have those persons’ contact details ahead of the workshop. We ask you now to confirm if the booking is for yourself or someone else. In the event the booking is for someone else please provide the name, mobile number, and email of that person. Please forward this info to

Here is a link to the HSE Covid-19 contact tracing guidelines:

Here is a link to the latest HSE Covid-19 guidelines:

We wish to thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding and look forward to meeting you all soon.

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