artist rod coyne in action painting plein air with his palette knife at the meeting of the waters

Palette Knife Masterclass with Painter Rod Coyne

Rod Coyne’s palette knife masterclass is designed for both students with general painting experience and advanced painters who want to add a new dimension to their work. This workshops will be plien air (outdoors), ala prima (painting wet-in-wet) and using oil paints only.

Skellig Phosphorescence working palette..

20 Essential Painting Materials

Avoca Painting School provide a materials and equipment package, which can be booked as an add-on. Our kit has been honed over the years to be light and versatile, basically, all the the painter needs and nothing that they don’t. Alternatively, for the students who would prefer to bring their own painting materials and equipment we have put together a list of the essentials.

Happy painting students with their tutor, Rod Coyne, team photo.

Painting Holiday 2018 with Avoca Painting School

Artist Rod Coyne’s Painting Holiday at 5 stunning Wicklow locations. Join in the group dynamic and build your skills throughout the week.
Early-birds avail of €75 discount by booking six weeks ahead.

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